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What Is Your Hope For The Holidays?

For many people around the world, hope does not reside in a season, but in the need of health.

Since the day Siliana was born, the hope of everyone around her was for Siliana to survive. Siliana was born extremely small, weighing only 1.8 pounds. She went through several traumatic incidents in the first couple of weeks of her life and nobody thought that she would make it. She was brought to House of Hope, a children’s home in Haiti where she was properly cared for – a place where she received food, shelter, clothing and an education.

Growing up at House of Hope gave Siliana the basic necessities she needed to survive. However, there was one medical issue that continued to plague her over the years. Since she was a baby, Siliana constantly battled with respiratory infections with no sign of relief. Fortunately, one of HPIC’s humanitarian partners made a visit to House of Hope and brought a Humanitarian Medical Kit to help children like Siliana living in the home. Siliana was prescribed Montelukast which cut her infections down to rare occurrences. Today, she is able to live a normal life, go to school and continue to grow into an amazing young lady.

Hope can only be ignited when sickness and suffering are eliminated. This holiday season, we are inviting you to bring health and hope to children like Siliana by shopping with HPIC’s Gifts of Hope!

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