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Reflections On a Healthy Day

Health is essential to life. We often take it for granted until the lack of it begins to hinder our daily activities. I enjoy working at HPIC because making medicine accessible indiscriminately gives both adults and children access to a better life. Health is essential to the well-being and growth of society which in turn creates an impact greater than anyone can imagine.

Because of the recent spread of COVID-19, I feel a deeper connection to everyone around the world, as I realize my neighbour’s health can potentially affect my own health. HPIC increases access to health care in vulnerable communities by delivering medicines and medical supplies to where they are most needed. I see medicines as not only building blocks to health, but messengers of hope and relief from the pain and discomfort sickness causes. During this pandemic, everyone, regardless of societal status, has been brought together in a mutual focus of being COVID-19 free. We have become keenly aware of the effects of our own actions, and those of our neighbours – all for the sake of our families, friends and communities. Working together and encouraging each other in every aspect of health – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – is the best way we can grow in resilience following the COVID-19 virus, despite the toll it has taken on many lives.

More than ever, we are connected in a time of uncertainty, wondering what will happen tomorrow in the midst of a swirl of unknown circumstances. Overwhelming protective health measures and fear can make it hard to see how we can act for the betterment of others. Through the experience of social distancing, I’ve observed how communication, actions and events can make a rejuvenating difference. In the absence of greeting each other through handshakes, hugs and kisses, words of kindness and encouragement can go a long way to brightening another’s perspective towards comfort, thankfulness and joy.

Through my work at HPIC, I experience firsthand how our mission of delivering not only health, but also hope, leads us toward gratitude and compassion. Instead of taking for granted activities like a daily walk, we can look around and marvel at nature, become thankful for our mobility, and increase our awareness of those who need us in our neighbourhood and around the world. People living near or far from us, whom we thought we could never reach, can be touched by a smile or heart-felt words which warm inspiration and foster a greater perspective of life. I believe we underestimate our potential for influence when we only see our own sphere of circumstances. I greatly enjoy being a part of an organization that is a catalyst for the long term change of many people in many places. There is a sense of meaning and satisfaction in knowing how the gift of medical supplies brings greater health and saves lives, as well as creates a dynamic global community through the continued steps of those touched by hope despite their surroundings.

-Sarah Weeks, Accountant, HPIC

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