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Quebec Government Grants $200,000 to HPIC’s Emergency Response in Lebanon

Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC) is pleased to announce that the Quebec government has granted the organization $200,000 to continue their work in Lebanon. This grant comes after the August 4th explosions that occurred in central Beirut where over 3,000 people were left homeless and 6,000 people were injured while Lebanon was already experiencing the joint impacts of a worsening economic crisis and the effects of COVID-19.

“We are thankful for this generous contribution from the Quebec government. Half of the city has been damaged by the blasts including six hospitals and 15 medical facilities. Acute shortages of medicine, medical supplies and equipment are a serious concern right now,” says Marcelle McPhaden, HPIC’s President and CEO. “HPIC has already executed four shipments of medicines to Lebanon. These funds will help HPIC to continue supporting the people of Lebanon and to rebuild health systems.”

The grant comes in at a time where cases of COVID-19 are reaching new heights and spreading across Lebanon in alarming rates.

“We are concerned that the existing crisis is getting worse with the upsurge of COVID-19 cases, particularly in poor neighborhoods of Beirut. Reports are mentioning that the desperate circumstances are driving a growing number of people to leave the country and many are attempting to dangerously travel by sea to find refuge in Europe,” says McPhaden.

With the funding from the Quebec government, HPIC will be able to support 18 health facilities with medicine and medical supplies and help with the rehabilitation and reconstruction of health infrastructures that were destroyed by the blasts.

Since the August 4th blasts, HPIC has provided essential medicines and medical supplies worth over $800,0000 to Beirut.

“As significant as this work is, it is far from enough,” McPhaden noted. “To recover from this crisis, Lebanon’s poorest people will need more help than ever before. We are grateful to hope Canadians will continue to respond generously.”

To join HPIC in their efforts to help Lebanon, financial donations are still needed and can be made online at

For information on donating medical products, please contact:

Heather Watts
Director, Health Industry Relations

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