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Message From Our President & Ceo: An Important Update On Our Response To Covid-19.

Together, like never before in our lifetimes, we are witnessing that global health affects us all and now more than ever we need to work together for the benefit and safety of humanity.

At HPIC, we are reminded of the essential role we play everyday in providing health and hope to vulnerable communities around the world. Even though we in Canada might be feeling the strain of isolation and fear about our jobs and the economy, we cannot lose sight of the fact that many people around the world do not enjoy the same access to healthcare and housing that is allowing us to keep ourselves well during this crisis.

HPIC is actively working to respond to vulnerable communities with undersupplied healthcare systems that are now being further impacted and are in need of support and life-saving medicines. Our program staff are working around the clock to support our local partners by assessing the medicine and equipment needed; offering training to protect healthcare personnel; and providing prevention programs to help limit the spread of the disease. We are also working closely with our industry partners to source medicines and supplies. Last week, six skids of personal protective equipment including gloves, shoe covers, and coveralls left our distribution centre in Oakville, Ontario to help fight the COVID-19 crisis.

HPIC is also working to ensure the safety and well-being of our donors, partners, volunteers and staff. To mitigate the risk of our staff and broader community, HPIC staff continue to work but remotely and our warehouse operations continue with limitations to deliveries only at this time.

Our priority and our commitment to help individuals in need of medical products and support living in underserved communities across the world remains.

Wishing you good health during this unsettling time.

Marcelle McPhaden

President & CEO

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