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Meet Mr. Douglas

Mr. Douglas is a 65-year-old resident in Kingston, Jamaica. Recently, Mr. Douglas visited the Our Lady of the Poor clinic for the first time.

Mr. Douglas said, “I was sitting on a stool at home and I started to feel dizzy and before I realized it, I was on the ground. I had fallen off the stool and hit the back of my head. I didn’t have much pain, but I was still feeling dizzy up to the time when I decided to visit the clinic. I was informed by the doctor that my pressure was high, though I have never been diagnosed with hypertension in the past.”

Thanks to supporters like you, Mr. Douglas was able to access Enalapril, which was prescribed by the doctor and donated to the clinic by HPIC.

Mr. Douglas followed up by saying, “I admire the kindness of the donors for the support to the clinic because it has allowed me to get the medication free of charge. I am really thankful.”

Mr. Douglas is pictured here listening keenly to the instructions of Mrs. Sharlett Lugg, Pharmacy Technician at Our Lady of the Poor Clinic, as she explains the dosage amount for the medication.

Help patients like Mr. Douglas with the gift of essential medicines this Christmas!

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