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Meet Margarita Leiva

Margarita is 78 years old and lives in Santa Bárbara, Honduras. Margarita was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and her prescribed treatment included a drug known as Donepezil. This expensive drug, well beyond her families’ means, was provided to her free of charge thanks to a donation from one of HPIC’s pharmaceutical partners.

Margarita’s daughter says:

“I remember mom being so brilliant and full of life. She was very active when she came to live with us, that’s why it was so sad for me to see how her health has deteriorated. She began to forget everything and everyone. I did not want to admit to myself that she could have Alzheimer’s. It’s now been three years of battling and trying to remain part of my mom’s memories. With every passing day, we lose her more and it breaks my heart when she no longer recognizes me as her daughter. Our family has very limited resources, and every day that my mother has her medicine, which we receive at no cost, I am grateful.

It’s thanks to HPIC and Canadians that our family has extra quality time with my mom.”

Margarita received this donation as part of HPIC’s work with HOPE International and its partner Proyecto Aldea Global (PAG) in Honduras.

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