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Mamah Adumu

This year, HPIC marks 30 years of delivering health and hope around the world. You can celebrate with us this summer by making a financial gift that will continue to save more lives.

Mamah Adumu is a community health worker in Ghana and part of HPIC’s HOPE project. She works with young mothers and their children to treat, educate and to provide health care to her community. Financial support to HPIC helps projects like these and brings immediate and lasting impact to vulnerable and high-risk communities.

 “I get to see hope and love in action with the people who benefit in my community. I make it part of my work to share the good news with everyone I help. I tell young mothers and their children that someone out in the world cares for them and wants them to live a happy and healthy life. It’s important for me to share this with them. Everyone needs to feel loved and my community needs love and hope now more than ever.”

In this photo Mamah Adumu is attending to a child who is very sick. During this interaction the young mom expressed: “My child would have died if I did not receive free medicines. I could not afford these. I also do not have any money to travel to the Kugre Health Centre and even when you go to the health centre you don’t always get medicine. The doctors there write a prescription for you to go and buy these in Garu, which is very far from here. I would have to stay home and try to help my child with home remedies and herbs. I have no source of income, we are all very poor in this area and this hits you hard when your child is sick.”

HPIC works around the clock to secure donations of medicines and empowers communities through projects like the HOPE Project in Ghana. This is why we need your commitment. Together, we can help community health workers like Mamah Adumu bring health and hope to young mothers whose children are sick. Consider joining HPIC in this important work by making a donation today.

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