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Giving Health and Hope to Kurdish People in Rojava

Families continue to suffer the tragic effects of upheaval and conflict in Northern Syria, including displacement, insecurity, violence and weak healthcare systems. Vivienne, a Toronto-based writer, philanthropist and activist was inspired by the resilience of the Kurdish people in the city of Rojava and was determined to partner with HPIC and join our efforts to help.

In early 2020, upon learning about the plight of the Kurdish people in Rojava, Vivienne felt compelled to help and rallied friends, family and members of her Jewish community to help raise the funds needed to send medicines to Rojava.

“When I reached out to my community for their assistance, their financial support was swift and generous and I thank them and our friends, including HPIC with all my heart for helping these wonderful, brave Kurdish people.”


After complications and setbacks including shipment cancellations due to border closures and disruptions in transportation routes due to COVID-19, the first shipment of medicine was finally deployed from the HPIC Distribution Centre in July 2020, followed by a second in December.

Our third and final shipment departed in July of this year and arrived safely in Rojava earlier this month, bringing the total value of medicines sent to the region to nearly $1 million. Some of the much-needed medicines include antibiotics, analgesics, anti-inflammatories and diabetes medicines. As a result of Vivienne’s passion and persistence, the medicines are now in the hands of those that need it most.

HPIC is eternally grateful to be working with passionate donors like Vivienne who rally the community to support vulnerable populations in the Middle East and numerous other regions globally. Our mission lives in the faces of those we help, and with the support of our generous donors and partners, we will continue to provide health and hope to displaced peoples around the world.

We encourage anyone that wants to join these efforts to make a gift to our Emergency Response fund. Every gift provides life-saving impact to someone in need.

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