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Izzy Dolls

Join a network of knitters and crocheters across Canada and keep HPIC supplied with a very special product for the Humanitarian Medical Kit: the Izzy Doll.

Doctors and healthcare professionals who carry the kits packed with essential medicines and supplies, give Izzy Dolls to their youngest patients. Sometimes the handmade little doll is a child’s first toy.

Humanitarian Medical Kits put essential and life-saving medicines into the hands of doctors so that people can be treated and healed. The Izzy Dolls, which are used to fill up the boxes in lieu of packing styrofoam, bring joy to sick children living in vulnerable communities.

“Every year, HPIC’s provides thousands of dolls to children in need through Humanitarian Medical Kits.”

Give the gift of health and hope through knitting or crocheting!