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Support a Current Project

Restore Women’s and Children’s Health

You can help women and children with a life-saving gift!

  • $25 provides essential medicine and healthcare to a child in need
  • $100 provides a stethoscope, an essential diagnostic tool for health care providers
  • $300 can train and equip a health worker to provide high quality care for mothers and children for years to come

Give the Gift of Access to Medicine

Help patients with the gift of essential medicines all year round:

  • $ 600 sponsors a Humanitarian Medical Kit which provides 600 treatments to a community in need.
  • $ 750 sponsors a skid of essential medicines to HPIC’s partners around the world

Support Families Living in Refugee Camps

Help refugees who rely on humanitarian assistance to survive:

  • $100 dollars sponsors the delivery of $1000 worth of essential medicines to refugees.
  • $600 dollars sponsors the delivery of a Humanitarian Medical Kit with essential medicines to treat hundreds of individuals living in refugee camps

Support Natural Disasters and Crisis Situations

You can be a giver of health and hope in crisis. Ensure that HPIC is  ready to ship essential medicines and medical supplies right away.

  • $200 provides $2000 worth of emergency medical aid when needed. That’s 10x the impact!
  • $1,200 covers the cost to airlift a skid of medicines to provide emergency healthcare to communities in need.
  • $10,000 co-sponsors HPIC’s next emergency response

COVID-19 Pandemic

HPIC is providing medicine, personal protection equipment (PPE) and sanitation to the most vulnerable communities around the world. We are also raising awareness on prevention to reduce the impact of the pandemic.

Beirut Explosion

HPIC is responding to Lebanon by sending medicine and medical supplies and reconstructing partially destroyed health facilities after a massive explosion erupted in central Beirut. Help the people of Beirut today!

Non-Communicable Diseases

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are the leading causes of death and disability worldwide. When you donate to HPIC, you are helping to improve the prevention, detection, management, and treatment of NCDs in vulnerable communities.

Pharmaceutical Management

Pharmaceutical supply management is a critical process when delivering healthcare around the world. When you help HPIC improve pharmaceutical management systems, limited resources are maximized, health services are improved and more patients get the treatment they need.

Emergency Response

More than 125 million people around the world are impacted by humanitarian emergencies – conflicts, disease outbreaks and natural disasters. HPIC works with local partners, health facilities and governments to act fast and provide essential health services for people who have lost everything. With your support we can respond faster.