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Support a Current Project

Ukraine Emergency Response

HPIC is actively responding to the crisis in Ukraine and aims to send 400 Humanitarian Medical Kits containing essential medicines throughout 2022.

To support our relief efforts, donate to our ‘Ukraine Emergency Response’ fund.

Sri Lanka Emergency Response

We are formulating a response that includes sending immediate medicines to Sri Lanka. To help HPIC expedite and mobilize support we continue to need funds. Every $1 raised allows us to distribute $10

Area of Greatest Need

Humanitarian Medical Kit Sponsorship

Help patients with the gift of essential medicines all year round:

  • $ 600 sponsors a Humanitarian Medical Kit which provides 600 treatments to a community in need.
  • $ 750 sponsors a skid of essential medicines to HPIC’s partners around the world

Lebanon Response

We are currently seeking funds to send an additional shipment of up to 10 tonnes of essential supplies for the remainder of 2021 to help fill the gaps in Lebanon’s healthcare system and provide the essential medicines for the families and vulnerable communities. 

Emergency Response

More than 125 million people around the world are impacted by humanitarian emergencies – conflicts, disease outbreaks and natural disasters. HPIC works with local partners, health facilities and governments to act fast and provide essential health services for people who have lost everything. With your support we can respond faster.