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An HPIC Christmas

Restore Women’s and Children’s Health for a brighter future

“I could not send Elvis to the health center because I didn’t have money. I wonder what would have happened to my son if I did not get this free treatment? I say thanks to HPIC for their support to human health.’’


Ndeogma is so thankful for supporters like you because Elvis is now healthy and growing. For a mother, there is no better gift than the gift of health they received. Ndeogma is eternally grateful.

This Christmas, you can help women and children like Ndeogma and Elvis with a life-saving gift!

  • $25 provides essential medicine and healthcare to a child in need
  • $100 provides a stethoscope, an essential tool for health care providers
  • $300 can train and equip a health worker to provide high quality care for mothers and children

Give the gift of access to medicine in the most difficult of circumstances

“I was sitting on a stool at home and I started to feel dizzy and before I realized it, I was on the ground. I was informed by the doctor that my pressure was high. I admire the kindness of the donors for the support to the clinic because it has allowed me to get the medication I needed free of charge.”

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Thanks to supporters like you, Mr. Douglas was able to access Enalapril, which was prescribed by the doctor and donated to the clinic from HPIC.

Help patients like Mr. Douglas with the gift of essential medicines this Christmas:

  • $600 sponsors a Humanitarian Medical Kit which provides 600 treatments to a community in need.
  • $750 sponsors a skid of essential medicines to HPIC’s partners around the world

Support Families Living in Refugee Camps

“Dzaleka Health Centre is a small hospital in Malawi that lies in the heart of Dzaleka Refugee Camp and directly supports the care of 70,000 individuals living in the community. Due to the great number of people that this centre serves, it regularly experiences shortages of essential drugs and medicines for primary care. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and while facing fear and anxiety, our plea for help was heard by HPIC. The generous aid we receive is stocking our clinic in the Dzaleka Refugee Camp, but also helping to treat others in nearby communities. In the midst of this pandemic, we have not been forgotten and hope and health remains within us.”

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Help refugees in places like Dzaleka Refugee Camp this Christmas:

  • $100 dollars sponsors the delivery of $1000 worth of essential medicines to refugees.
  • $600 dollars sponsors the delivery of a Humanitarian Medical Kit with essential medicines to treat hundreds of individuals living in refugee camps

Support Natural Disasters and Crisis Situations

This year, HPIC responded to a number of unprecedented medical emergencies, including the global-fight against COVID-19, humanitarian relief to the victims of the Beirut blasts, and other communities around the world facing hardship and devastated by conflict.

HPIC’s ability to respond to emergencies is completely reliant on financial donations to our Emergency Relief program.

This holiday season, you can be a giver of health and hope in crisis. Ensure that HPIC is  ready to ship essential medicines and medical supplies right away.

  • $200 provides $2000 worth of emergency medical aid when needed. That’s 10x the impact!
  • $1,200 covers the cost to airlift a skid of medicines to provide emergency healthcare to communities in need.
  • $10,000 co-sponsors HPIC’s next emergency response

Twelve months of Health & Hope

Become a monthly donor and give the gift of hope every month of the year You can make a difference every month of the year for as little as $20/month.

  • $20/month will support the delivery of $2,400 of essential medicines to a community in need
  • $50/month will sponsor a Humanitarian Medical Kit, proving 600 treatments to a community in need
  • $100/month covers the cost to airlift a skid of relief medicines in emergency situations

Join this select group of donors, that enable HPIC to act in emergencies when crisis strikes and save thousands of lives 2021!